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At Anew Hearing Care we are dedicated to providing the best hearing services to our clients. We offer hearing testing and hearing aid repairs throughout the Jacksonville and Beulaville, NC areas. Our staff has over 20 years of experience and is trained to work with the top hearing aid brands of today. We encourage you to give us a call to schedule a free hearing test or consultation with our team. Get the hearing aid services you need with Anew Hearing Care!

Signs You Need Hearing Aid Repairs

  • No Sound: If there is no sound, check to make sure the volume is turned up. If your volume is up, replace the batteries as they may be dead. If neither of these solve the problem, you are in need of repairs.

  • Physical Damage: Physical damage such as bent parts, cracks, and other damage can lead to other issues. Most issues can be fixed by your local audiologist, but if they can't then they will need to be sent to the manufacturer.

  • Static: Static from your hearing aids is a sign that they may be in need of repairs. Excess moisture could have accumulated in the hearing aids. Our audiologist can fix this issue and give you some tips on how to avoid it in the future.

  • Decline in Quality: Over time, your hearing aid may begin experiencing issues such as low volumes, even if the volume is turned all the way up. There could be a microphone issue that is causing low volumes or even a simple buildup of wax.

Anew Hearing Care's professionally trained hearing testing staff is here to serve you in Jacksonville & Beulaville, NC!